Hard Drive Repair / Restoration & Computer Crash Recovery in Northern NJ and NYC.

Computer Crash

Have you felt that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when your computer refused to turn on, makes an awful sound, or presents with “the blue screen of death”? The fear that you have been a victim of a computer crash and that all your data is gone is so stressful. Lost files means lost productivity. LFC Consulting, Inc. is available to work on hard disk drive recovery to repair hard disk drives and restore your files.

Hard Disk Drive Recovery

LFC Consulting President Rafael Miranda has restored data for businesses and homes when the owner was certain they had lost everything. This job is too critical to trust just anyone – count on a seasoned and knowledgeable professional with a proven record of recovering data.

Success Story

LFC Consulting President Rafael Miranda has had many success stories since 1991. He is most happy when a client has spent money wisely and avoided unnecessary costs.

Saved a client from the company who was supposed to help them.

My client had a name brand network attached storage drive (a backup drive). It stopped working. We called the manufacturer and they referred us to their authorized associate who repairs these devices. Without looking at the drive this associate’s representative quoted “at least $4,000” to recover the data.  I asked my client if I can take a look at the drive and see what I can do. I opened up the drive housing and removed the drive. I connected it to a computer using an external connector. All the data was there and accessible. It was the drive’s housing which had failed, not the drive itself. After a few hours we had the data back on another computer. I saved my client thousands of dollars and a lot of aggravation.  I saved his data too.